PROF-LINE is a wigs manufacturer. We produce handmade natural wigs multi-direction. This type of producing is more comfortable and it makes them look more natural. Our company produces natural wigs and half-wigs with an exclusive design. The client can do any styling, hair styles, change the middle and much more. The difference of PROF-LINE wigs is expressed by the tailoring technology and hair lines (Children, Slavonic, European, etc).  The company makes natural wigs by the modern equipment and introduces a lot of types of it. For example: wigs for men and women, half-wigs, decorated by elastic band, etc. 


You can order wigs wholesale and retail!


High-quality wigs for any occasion

One of the easiest ways to completely transform your appearance is to change your hairstyle. Obviously, it is impossible to dye, let alone cut your hair, every week because there will be nothing left of your own hair. A much better option is to purchase wigs and change your image as often as you want without damaging your hair. When you have a special occasion coming up or a dress-up party, and you want to impress everyone with your beautiful hairstyle, purchasing a wig is just what you need. Here at PROF-LINE wigs shop we offer the most natural-looking wigs in a variety of colors and hairstyles, so you can always find something for yourself.


PROF-LINE – your number one wigs shop

Our company is a famous Ukrainian wigs shop and a manufacturer of natural and false hair wigs of the highest quality. Whether you experience hair loss or simply want to experiment with your appearance without affecting your own hair, you can choose from a variety of different hair options. Depending on which look you want to achieve, you can select a suitable hair color, length, and texture. Moreover, if you choose a natural hair wig, you are free to dye it and cut whichever way you like if you get bored of the hairstyle you have.

When you choose our wigs shop, you can be confident that you receive exactly the right type of product. All the natural hair used in the creation of wigs and extensions has gone through a number of procedures to ensure its safety. The procedures include chemical and bacteriological treatment as well as our company’s unique treatment method using silver.


What are half-wigs?

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, shiny and voluminous hair? However, not all of us are blessed with this asset naturally, but there are some great ways to enhance the look of your hair without any problems. If you don’t want to change your hair completely, but still want to add some volume or length, a great alternative to a full wig is a half-wig. Half-wigs are created to cover about three forth of your head and are attached starting from the middle of your head while leaving the front part of your hair untouched. They allow you to add as much length and volume as you want while still looking absolutely natural. This type of wig is your perfect choice when you want to look extra beautiful for any special occasion you may have. Half-wigs give you an opportunity to create the most impressive and elaborate hairstyles, which are impossible to achieve if your own hair is not as long or thick. Just like the full wigs, half-wigs are created using the highest-quality materials and natural hair.

Here at PROF-LINE you can select the color and hair texture that will match your own hair perfectly – no one will be able to tell the difference between your real hair and a half-wig.


What are natural wigs? ?

When you want to have the most realistic-looking wig, nothing can beat natural wigs that are created using real human hair. At PROF-LINE, we choose the highest-quality Slavic hair, which is known for its beautiful shine and softness. As opposed to synthetic wigs, you can manage natural hair wigs just like you would your natural hair – you can style it, curl it, cut it, and dye it without any problems. All the hair used in the wigs goes through special treatment to ensure that it is absolutely safe and hygienic for its future owner. Natural wigs are durable and will last you for several years of regular wear if you take care of them properly.


PROF-LINE – the best place to buy natural hair

Besides purchasing a wig, you can always buy natural hair of the highest quality, which can be used for different purposes. If you’re a professional specializing in the creation of extensions and wigs, you can always get the highest-quality Slavic or European hair for your work. When you buy natural hair at PROF-LINE, you receive the most beautiful and soft natural hair that is safe and extremely easy to work with. Our clients include professional masters and the most famous salons, as they trust us to provide them with the amazing hair for their creations.


An extensive collection of woman wigs


It is not a secret to anyone that most women love changing their appearances whether it is their makeup, outfits or hairstyles. Woman wigs, available on our website allow you to fulfill your biggest dreams when it comes to hairstyles. Whether you feel like being a long-haired brunette one day or a gorgeous blond with a pixie cut the next day – every option is available to you. The wigs feature the most modern hairstyles and colors, so you will be able to find something that will complement your face and style. High-quality natural hair woman wigs allow you to either wear them the way they were initially styled or change them in any way you want depending on your mood or occasion.


Do you plan on wearing a wig occasionally? Buy false hair!


An alternative to purchasing a wig made from natural hair is getting one created using false hair. Modern technologies ensure that the false hair wigs look as similar to natural ones as possible. The wigs are made from monofibre, which is a perfect material for imitation of real hair texture. As opposed to wigs made from natural hair, false hair wigs require a more gentle approach – they shouldn’t be dried with a blow-dryer as well as curled and straightened using heat. When you buy false hair, we also recommend getting special care products and brushes created specifically for the wigs made from synthetic hairs. This type of wigs is created for occasional wear rather than regular one because of its qualities.


At our company, you can either buy false hair wigs or various false hair tresses, which can be customized to how you want to use them. You can use them to provide length to your hair, create a voluminous pony-tail or even a fringe, as they can be attached to your hair in a number of ways.