PROF-LINE company is a manufacturer of professional hair lines. It is 100% natural human hair which is taken in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other European countries. The quality of hair is high because of professional hair treatment processing: chemical, thermo, bacteriological and at last silver treatment.


PROF-LINE company produce 6 professional hair lines: Slavonic hair, Status hair, Baby hair, Ukrainian hair, European hair and Professional hair line for Masters of hair extension.


Hair coloring takes a big part in hair manufacturing process. We color hair by professional cosmetics. The hair structure is elastic and silk. You can do any hairstyle, curl, wash etc and your hair extensions looks great and natural!


We produce a lot of types of hair for professional hair extensions: machine weft hair, handmade weft hair, keratin tip hair, and polymer tapes hair, clip in hair etc. All of the materials that we use are high quality and client can wear this hear for a long period of time. 


Professional hair extensions for everyone


Hair extensions continue to become more and more popular with each passing day, which is hardly surprising. Who doesn’t want to get long and voluminous hair immediately without growing it out for years? Moreover, you can get rid of this hair as soon as you want without any regrets. When properly attached and color matched, great quality natural hair extensions cannot be distinguished from your own hair. It is a perfect choice for both everyday life and any special occasion you may have.


All hair extensions that you can buy through our PROF-LINE website are of professional quality. No matter which type of hair or length you choose, you can be confident in its safety, as it has been thoroughly treated using several methods.


Choosing the right hair extension line


If you’re going for a natural look, the most important step is choosing the hair that will match yours in order to perform a hair extension. When we talk about hair, it can be of different colors, lengths, and textures, so it is essential to select the type of hair extensions that will blend in with your hair perfectly. At PROF-LINE, we offer several hair extension lines, which include Slavic hair, European hair, Ukrainian hair, Baby hair as well as Professional hair line and Status hair line. All the hair options are of the highest quality, but they have certain differences in how they look and how they feel. In comparison to Slavic and Ukrainian hair, European hair has been treated with silicone, so you can decide which look fits you the best. Besides chemical and bacteriological treatments, the hair of Status hair line has also been treated with silver, which has amazing antibacterial properties.


The most versatile option – bundle hair


When it comes to bundle hair, it is the hair that has been treated using all appropriate methods but does not come with any type of attachment. The hair can be used for any possible type of extensions you can imagine – a standard hair extension, a ponytail, a fringe or any other way you come up with. If you’re a professional working with hair extensions and prefer creating your own attachments or using the hair for keratin tip extensions, bundle hair is a great option for you. If you’re not working with hair and you’re looking for an option for yourself, you can still choose the perfect hair at PROF-LINE and leave it to professionals to attach it to your hair.


Select and buy hair extensions through our website


It has never been easier to buy hair extensions online. With the help of our PROF-LINE website, you can purchase any type of hair extensions you can possibly need. Our company has been on the market for many years and has earned the trust of thousands of customers from all across the globe. You can always browse through the collection available on our website and select the color, texture and length of the hair you need. Moreover, you can order exclusive extensions if you cannot find suitable extensions in your range or even customize them yourself if you decide to purchase natural hair. As you know, natural hair can be dyed, straightened and curled, because it is the same as the hair on your head and can withstand high temperatures and accept and hold the hair dye without any problems.


Besides the actual quality of hair, hair extensions differ in how they are attached to your hair. At our website you can buy hair extensions of various types, such as clip in hair, polymer tapes hair, weft hair and the hair prepared for keratin tip extensions.


PROF-LINE – a great place to buy human hair


While human hair is definitely the most beautiful and durable option for hair extensions, you have to find the most trustworthy store to buy human hair, as there are a lot of people selling false hair while claiming that it is natural. At PROF-LINE, we select the most high-quality hair, which is absolutely natural and comes from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and a number of European countries. We take great care of the hair so that it is shiny, silky and free of tangles. Such great condition of the hair is ensured by its careful selection and further treatment to make it absolutely hygienic and ready to be used. Colored extensions have been dyed using professional products that make the colors vibrant without damaging the texture of the hair. Child hair extensions are definitely the choice for the most demanding customers, as they are exceptionally soft and beautiful. Once you buy human hair from our company, you will notice how easy it is to take care of and how natural it looks.