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Since 2001, we are working on the Ukrainian market, creating beauty, not in words but in deeds.
We produce high-quality branded hair products: wigs, hairpieces, pony-tails, keratin tip hair, wefts, tape hair and more.

- 5 exclusive shops
- A company that provides professional hair extension
- Distribution network in Ukraine in more than 20 cities
- Distribution network in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Italy, England, USA, Israel, Germany
- Online store selling hair and beauty products
- Training center of modern services in Kiev
- Beauty salon in Kiev

Since 2002 we have our own training centre. Since 2004, we hold the Ukrainian International Championship «Hair Extension», in which the master compete for the title of beauty best master of the hair extensions, creative image creation, performance makeup models.PROF-LINE is a Ukrainian company which was developed in 2001. More than 14 years we produce high quality materials for professional hair extension. We produce our own 100% natural hair lines: Slavonic hair, Status Hair, Baby Hair, Ukrainian Hair and European Hair Line. PROF-LINE has its own manufactory which is using the best technologies for producing high-quality hair for extensions: Bulk Hair, Keratin Tip Hair, Polymer Tapes, Weft Hair (by machine and handmade), Clip in Hair, Ponytails and Bangs, Hair Systems, Fringes, Braids, Wigs etc.



We educate 9 professional hair extensions technologies:


  • Express hair extension (polymer types)
  • Hot pot hair extension (capsule)
  • Hot gun hair extension (capsule)
  • Iron hair extension (capsule)
  • Micro-rings hair extension (weft hair)
  • Braid extensions (weft hair)
  • Micro-hair extensions
  • Ultrasound hair extensions (capsule)
  • Hair extension system (hair implants)




The main objective of the company – to develop HAIR EXTENSIONS in Ukraine and training professionals to enable them to grow and develop in the field of hair extensions. Beauty industry is not standing still and methods of hair extensions have become more advanced, we are training all methods of hair extension by  our program, which improved over the years. Master-teacher of PROF-LINE  has experience in this field more than 14 years. During the experience gained over the years, we found out what methods of hair extensions are the most demanded and popular nowadays.


The most trusted hair shop – PROF-LINE


PROF-LINE is the company that has been around on the Ukrainian market since 2001. Throughout these years, we have earned a reputation of a trustworthy provider of the most high-quality hair, which comes in various wigs, hair extensions, ponytails, fringes, and many other options. PROF-LINE includes not only an online hair shop and five shops on the territory of Ukraine, but also an extensive distribution network in a number of countries, including Italy, the USA, Germany, Israel, Russia, and many others. Our company is highly interested in providing great education for hair extension specialists, which is why we have an exclusive training center in Kiev, where you can learn everything you need regarding hair extension procedure. Besides buying extensions from our hair shop and attaching them on your own or with the help of a professional, you have an opportunity of visiting our PROF-LINE beauty salon located in Kiev to get your extensions done by our qualified hair extension specialists. All the professionals working in a salon have finished our hair extension training programs and are able to provide you with a hairstyle of your dream.


Wholesale hair – a great option for professionals


If you’re constantly working with hair and performing hair extensions, you certainly need a lot of it, so that you can always provide your clients with a variety of options and not to run out of the hair extension at the most inconvenient moment. Here at PROF-LINE we provide you with an opportunity of purchasing wholesale hair at the most affordable prices. All you have to do is choose which type of hair you want, what is the amount that you need and order it from our website or buy at one of our PROF-LINE stores. You can choose hair from a variety of natural hair line options, including Slavic hair, Ukrainian hair, European hair and even Baby hair lines. Slavic hair and Ukrainian hair options have long been famous for their incredible qualities and are considered among the best types of hair in the world. Any of such wholesale hair you choose is incredibly thick, full of shine and silky to the touch.


Hair extension salon in the heart of Ukraine


As it has already been mentioned, we have a specialized beauty salon located in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, where you can choose the hair and go through a hair extension process in the shortest terms. At our hair extension salon, we are able to offer you a variety of hair extension options that will perfectly match your hair. Whether you want your hair to be curly or straight, dark or light, long or short, we are able to select the hair extensions that will meet your requirements. Natural hair extensions available at the salon can be attached to your hair in a number of different ways, so you can choose for how long you want them to stay put. The hair that we use in our salon is of exceptional quality coming either from Ukraine or other European countries. When you choose our hair extension salon, you entrust your hair to true professionals who take seriously, what they do and want to deliver the most amazing hair extension results.


Do you want to become a hair extension hairdresser?


If you have always wanted to become a hair extension hairdresser, but you didn’t know where to begin, this is your chance. Our PROF-LINE training center provides the most extensive hair extension programs that include a number of different techniques that are most widely performed in salons. Depending on how much knowledge you already have, you can choose which course will be most beneficial to you. At our training center, we provide the courses that can teach you about various types of hair extension procedures using capsules, wefts, micro-hair extensions, and even hair implants. We are convinced that even if you have been working in this field for some time, you will be able to increase your level of professionalism and learn new tips and tricks on how to make your work even more enjoyable. Hair extension hairdresser is a profession that requires constant improvement of one’s knowledge to stay competitive in the market and have clients that will want to return to you over and over again.